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  1. timthehammerrichardson

    You were truly as good as there was.

    You shoulda been a bigger star!

  2. Michael Fleischmann

    Just checking in after a long absence. Still a fan. Your look changed a lot from one performance to the next, but you were always that unmistakeable beauty.

  3. craig canavan

    Sherry, just watched your star trek episode for like the 100th time. You are my favorite good looking gal from those shows. I vote you #1 every time I see a poll for best star trek beauties! Love ya! Craig

  4. PghBob

    Dear Sherry, I am sitting here watching you in a Batman episode with Frank Gorshen. You are a remarkably beautiful creature. Since you and I are almost the same age, I’m sure you are still a stunner.

  5. Andreas

    Sherry, i fall in love with you today when I see the star trek Episode….. :)
    I wish you a happy new year 2013.

    Greetings from Germany!

  6. chuck

    Sherry, I remember when you starred in “The Monitors” & ever since then have always thought you were the most beautiful American actress on the planet. And when you appeared in Batman as the Riddler’s side-kick I was totally mesmerized!.Till this day, I revere your stunning physical beauty & fantasize about you constantly. I’ll probably never get to meet you but I adore you from afar. You deserved many more high-profile acting roles but neverless you did everything with such class ! I hope you are living well and continue enjoying life.You remain in my dreams forever. God Bless!

  7. robert

    Sherry, baby! Been a while! (I’m the guy you proposed to! LOL!) Hope your recent accident is becoming more and more a distant memory of the past! Like many others in here, I feel it would be very cool to see you in person at a Comic Con! The veteran character actors (such as Malachi Throne and Richard Anderson) are always the most interesting ones at those conventions! Since I’m dropping names, did you ever cross paths in your personal life with fellow ’60’s-70’s goddess Tisha Sterling?! If so, please tell me the encounter involved pillow fights in your pajamas! Disturbing LOL! Anyway, Sherry, just bought the first season of “Maverick” and the second of “Fantasy Island”, aside from the complete “Star Trek” and “Wild Wild West”! You really are the type of unbelievably stunning female who could easily render man or woman completely senseless! So amazing to have you on this Earth as a physical specimen of perfection and as a plain ol’ nice individual!

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