Hello Everyone!

I am very excited to share with you the history of my career. I plan on adding LOTS of trivia and answering your questions. I did not realize there was so much content around until my fans made me aware, and thanks to the Internet, this is now possible. 

When I was on the “Make Room for Daddy Show,” i.e. “The Danny Thomas Show,” I received bags and bags of fan mail.  Besides working, attending school, and studying my lines, on Saturdays I spent all day personalizing my answers to each letter and posting them. Because that left little time for anything else, I became resentful….Eventually, we hired a teenage girl to help me for it became overwhelming. Now that I am MUCH older, I realize how important it is to appreciate my fans and am going to make up for lost time!!! I loved my fans but my very strict mother made things a “have” to,  not a “want” to. Now I really WANT to!!!! So I am looking forward to this adventure and want this site to be fun and interesting and at times funny . So feel free to ask away…..

Sincerely, (that was my closing on my early fan letters but I misspelled “Sincerly” for many early autographs) lol…Now I prefer “Health, Love and Light. ” Maturation is enlightening…






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  1. Phil

    Someone started a Sherry channel on Youtube this month:


    It has a couple of videos I hadn’t seen before:

    * Clips from ‘Fantasy Island’ episode

    * RJ Pittman’s first TV appearance – 1960 ep. of ’77 Sunset Strip’ (“Attic”)…Sherry has uncredited cameo.

    1. Ben Anderson

      I keep getting “Channel not found” when I copy and paste. No problem. Here’s the Fantasy Island segment (Sherry arrives at the three-minute mark):


      Here’s the Robert Pittman appearance on 77 Sunset Strip–Sherry is on near the end of the segment:


  2. Ben Anderson

    Let me be the first to wish Sherry a very Happy Birthday. It’s a milestone for her and is something to be proud of. It goes to show that she is still as beautiful as she was during her career.

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  4. Phil


    Sherry will be doing an interview this week via the website above.

  5. Phil

    The May 3, 1950 issue of Variety has the earliest Sherry reference I could find. It’s a full-page ad for William Marshall Productions, which announced several movies in the works (at least two starring Errol Flynn). One of them is W.W. II pacifist film ‘Hello God’, which Flynn later disowned and, allegedly, had a friend steal and destroy the negative. However, Marshall rebuilt it using outtakes and new footage and showed it in Europe (Flynn sued to prevent its release in the USA). Flynn began the film as a tactic in a contract fight with Jack Warner at Warner Bros.

    A few more Variety plugs:

    Attention Georgie Jessel: Gary Stevens escorted Sherry Jackson (12 years old) to the “Peter Pan” opening.

    ILL AND INJURED Teenage actress Sherry Jackson suffered possible skull fracture and internal injuries Monday when horse she was riding fell.

    1/23/57 (What is this?)
    In London (Continued from Page 3) Monty Pittman, with Sherry Jackson and Betsy Blair in the leads.

    6/27/79 (Probably tentative cast for Jerry Lewis flick ‘Hardly Working’)
    Also cast are Danny Thomas, Al Lewis, Nancy Culp, Roger C. Carmel, Sherry Jackson, Leonard Stone and Peggy Mondo.

  6. Phil

    More from Variety vault:

    Sherry Jackson guests on KGIL’s “Teen Twenty Club” tonight.

    10/9/59 (Full page Sherry pic in bathrobe advertisement)
    FIRST RUN TONIGHT! “77 Sunset Strip” SHERRY JACKSON RECEIVES HER FIRST SCREEN KISS on “Kookie’s Caper.” Personal Management GENE S. TAFT CRestview 5-5337 Written by MAURITA PITTMAN (MA) Directed by MONTGOMERY PITTMAN (PA)

    Sherry Jackson portrays a stage-struck hitchhiker who stows away in the back seat of a crook’s car and wakes up in Kookie’s parking lot.

    Jimmy Boyd and Steve Rowland teaching Judy Nugent and Sherry Jackson to play polo.

    10/19/62 (Review of “Rootdown” ep. of ‘Gunsmoke’)
    Sherry Jackson, a cute and appealing young actress, did well as the girl with the urge to settle, displaying both light and serious moods effectively

    7/26/65 (Probably a reference to her ‘Death Valley Days’ ep.)
    Sherry Jackson galloped back from Gallup.

  7. Phil

    More from the Variety vault:

    3/2/53 (What is this?)
    Three kiddies played with all the cuteness of their age and deviltry by Sherry Jackson, Lee Aaker and Tina Thompson don’t like the idea of their mother, Lynn Bar*, bent on divorcing her husband to marry a society artist, Cesar Romero, who feeds her the old line, and conspire to break it up.

    Eleven-year-old Sherry Jackson (“Trouble Along the Way”) is writing a Hollywood fashion column for Children’s Times.

    Herb Robins confabbing with Sherry Jackson for the “Sophie” role in “Tom Jones.” Robins plans to legit debut here and B’way next year.

    Sherry Jackson has been signed as the second femme lead in Blake Edwards’ “Peter Gunn” at Paramount, replacing June Fairchild, who was injured in a fall last week.

    5/31/77 (‘Enigma’ TV movie on CBS, 5/27/77)
    Sherry Jackson as Davis’ wife sports a cougar on a leash, which seems to be overreaching for the exotic.

    Don Gordon, Sherry Jackson, Robert F. Lyons have signed with Artists Career Management for exclusive theatrical representation.

    1. Ben Anderson

      The 3/2/53 item refers to Sherry’s appearance on the Ford Television Theatre episode (shown on 2/26/53), “All’s Fair in Love.”

      This is from the 12/9/58 Variety:

      “Sherry Jackson, who asked for her release from “The Danny Thomas Show” as his moppet daughter, will head up her own series, “Adventures of Sherry,” to be piloted early next month on the Wonder Valley Ranch near Fresno.”

  8. Phil


    The Variety newspaper archive (above) has a treasure trove of professional and personal Sherry tidbits. Only paid subscribers can look at the full-size, .pdf scanned pages, but it is possible to query someone’s name for article snippets (querying one year at a time seems to work best).

    For readability, I’ll post some of them in small samples. I fixed the spelling and punctuation (where possible). My comments are in parentheses.


    10/24/55 (An unmade project?)
    Samuel Bischoff and Dave Diamond are paging Fredric March for a starring role in “The Trek,” independent production for which Sherry Jackson is already set.

    And 14-year-old Sherry Jackson (Danny Thomas’ tv dotter) plays her first villainous role in “The Trek.” By the way, her stepdad, Monty Pittman, scripted same.

    Sherry Jackson has been signed for role in “The Risk” segment of the “Mr. Novak” teleseries at MGM. Miss Jackson will bicycle between role in “Under the Yum Yum Tree” at the Ivar Theatre and the teleshow.

    Sherry Jackson has been cast in “Festive Felon” segment of the “Perry Mason” teleseries, and will double between role in legit production of “Under the Yum Yum Tree” at the Ivar.

    Sherry Jackson and Revue very close together on terms anent a multiple pix-tv pact.

    Sherry Jackson who WAS a redhead celebrated Christmas as a brunette.

    4/29/75 (Review of “Returning Home”)
    Whitney Blake, Joan Goodfellow, Sherry Jackson, Laurie Walters, James A. Watson Jr., Lenka Peterson, Pat Smith, Richard O’Brien, Booth Colman, James Beach, Lew Frizell. Sherry Jackson, perhaps because of the shift in characterization, manages to create something individual.

    1. Ben Anderson

      “The Trek” title eventually was changed to “Come Next Spring.” Here is one brief review of Sherry’s performance in the film from Variety:

      “Sherry Jackson and Richard Eyer supply the juvenile appeal to the back-country drama and are two more reasons why this picture is such effective entertainment. Young Miss Jackson stands out with her sensitive portrayal of the mute.”

      1. Phil

        I think your are mistaken re “The Trek”, only because the cast for “Come Next Spring” was announced a few months earlier by Variety:

        Sherry Jackson, who plays the daughter of Danny Thomas in the “Make Room for Daddy” telefilm series, was cast yesterday by Republic in “Come Next Spring” starring Steve Cochran, Ann Sheridan and Walter Brennan.

      2. Ben Anderson

        Then apparently, the movie was never made. Here is the 10/18/55 New York Times note:

        “Samuel Bischoff and David Diamond, independent producers, will film ‘The Trek,’ with such juvenile players as Sherry Jackson, Donna Corcoran and Richard Eyer in principal roles. The story by Montgomery Pittman deals with the experience of children in a wagon train that comes under attack by Indians.”

  9. Phil

    I found another book with actor credits that says Sherry did ‘Get Christie Love!’ on Dec. 4, 1974 (the ep. was called “Deadly Justice”). There’s nothing on Youtube, other than the series’ pilot movie, to confirm this.



    The above link has this description of ‘Curse of the Moon Child’, along with the context of its production:

    Adam West confronts a cult of demonic children in Victorian London performing necromancy and human sacrifice — all of whose members were born under the sign of Cancer.

    The film was the pilot for Zodiac, a twelve part series of TV movies from Gold Key Entertainment. Future installments would have included titles as Vengeance of Virgo, starring Christopher Lee, The Left Hand of Gemini with Ian McShane, Joan Collins in The Aquarian and The Aries Computer, starring Vincent Price, which would have involved a supercomputer conquering an overpopulated Earth. Sadly, the series was cancelled, but story ideas from unproduced episodes were later repurposed for the short-lived 1974 comedy/crime series from Thames Television — also called Zodiac.

  10. Ben Anderson

    Sherry has previously noted that during her appearance on Batman, it was clearly evident that Burt Ward (aka Robin) was quite the wimp because he let his wife gripe on and on.

    It should come as no surprise that they were divorced within a year of that episode, with the wife claiming “extreme mental cruelty” and that Ward “inflicted grievous mental suffering and grievous bodily injury” on her.

    The divorce filing took place in November 1966, and must have been handled quickly, because Ward got married just three months later. Marriage #2 was to Kathy Kersh, the ex-wife of Vince Edwards (aka Ben Casey), who he met on the set of Batman. That marriage was not much more successful, lasting two years.

    Sherry’s Batman appearance was the last time Frank Gorshin appeared on one of the two-part episodes–he did make one final appearance on a single episode during the third season.

    Sadly, one of the henchman in those episodes, Theo Marcuse, was killed in a drunk driving accident in November 1967.

  11. Phil

    Some additional credits (don’t know if they’re right or wrong):

    According to Wikipedia, Sherry did ‘The Tonight Show’ on Feb. 16, 1968. This episode had the Japanese Bath sketch with Johnny Carson and Don Rickles. The other guests were Don Adams and Sonny & Cher.

    A book at the library (‘Performers Television Credits, 1948 – 2000, Volume 2, G – M’, by David M. Inman) says Sherry did the game show “You Don’t Say” in 1967. It also listed The Tonight Show in ’68, as well as the Jan. 22, 1982 episode of ‘Strike Force’ (IMDB says this ep. was called “Internal Affairs”).

    Finally, ‘Television Cartoon Shows, 1949 through 2003, 2nd Edition, Volume One, Shows A – L’, by Hal Erickson says Sherry did voice work on the 1973-75 cartoon “Jeannie”. Her name is in the credits at 20:11 in this episode:

    1. Ben Anderson

      Regarding the appearance on “You Don’t Say,” I found a newspaper reference that pinpointed the week of September 4-8, 1967 as to when she was on it. Her celebrity partner that week was Paul Lynde.

      1. Ben Anderson

        Numerous newspapers confirm that Sherry was on the 2/16/68 Tonight Show–one day after her 26th birthday. An additional guest on that show that night was the creepy “psychic” Criswell.

        On 9/6/67, Sherry and others (including Robert Stack) were part of a ceremony in Gov. Ronald Reagan’s office in Sacramento involving the USO. A newspaper item mentioned that Sherry and Diane McBain would be entertaining troops in Vietnam that December, so perhaps some of that was captured in Bob Hope’s annual special in January 1968.

        Sherry had the opportunity to appear in films with both Robert Mitchum (1950’s Where Danger Lives) and his son Chris (1978’s Stingray.)

        Not sure what happened here but here’s an item from February 1964:

        “Sometimes it pays to be bad. At least, this seems to be the case with former child star Sherry Jackson. She recently made such a hit with the producers pf “Mr. Novak” as an alcoholic bride, that she has been inked to return as a school teacher with similar trouble.”

  12. Ben Anderson

    Portions of a January 1960 article:

    Sherry Jackson recently made her debut as a Deb Star, but it was as a child star that she made her debut as a chef.

    ” ‘I’ve been baking cakes and cookies for as long as I can remember,’ said the pretty 18-year-old redhead. ‘And I enjoy fixing special dishes or preparing the entire meal.’

    “When she cooks for the family, Sherry likes to make either meat loaf or special baked beans. ‘When I make meat loaf, I love to experiment,’ Sherry said. ‘I never use a recipe, but put tomato juice and mixed vegetables in it, or anything that I think should taste good with baked ground meat. For a favorite baked bean dish, I use canned pork and beans, adding a little molasses, tomato sauce, cut up hot dogs, and then top the dish with chopped crisp bacon. The boys love it.’

    “With a grocery list from her mother and only enough money to pay the bill, Sherry said she has learned much about budgeting and the value of a dollar. ‘When I add one or two luxury items, it doesn’t take long to go over the budget,’ she said.

    “One of Sherry’s favorite low-calorie French dressings is one part tomato juice, 1/4 part lemon juice, 1/4 part vinegar, seasoned with crushed garlic, onion juice, and salt and pepper. Instead of using sour cream or butter on baked potatoes, she uses yogurt or melted cheese and chives.”

  13. Ben Anderson

    Portions of an October 1956 article:

    “For many teenage girls, the most interesting things in the world are boys. Sherry Jackson, 14, who plays Terry on the Danny Thomas show, is no exception.

    “Listing her hobbies, Sherry is apt to look dreamily into the distance, and check them off on her fingers, ‘Boys and horse, and boys, and dancing, and–boys!’

    “It’s more a case of hobby pursues girl than of girl puirsues hobby, however. With her snappy brown eyes, her just-becoming-interesting figure, and the long sleek pony tail she flips around in such a spirited fashion, a mere male is no match for her, Sherry would have to be boy-conscious, whether she enjoyed it or not. It’s just nice and convenient that she does enjoy it. Thoroughly.

    “The Pittmans live in a rustic style home in North Hollywood. There is, of course, a pool in the back yard, which gets pretty rugged use from Sherry, her pals, and her three brothers–Curtis, 20, on leave now and then from the Air Force; Gary, 13, home on weekends from boarding school, and even Robert, not yet a year old, who can flail his arms and legs with the best of them.

    “Most of the year, Sherry goes to school on the set, with a tutor provided by the Los Angeles Board of Education. She shares the tutor with Rusty Hamer, who plays her kid brother on the Danny Thomas show. However, she’s able to get in 10 weeks of public school each year. This, she looks forward to immensely, for it gives her a chance to join in the activities of the group of girls she knows. And, of course, she can meet more boys.”

  14. gerrydrake

    Sherry, Is it possible to text, email or IM YOU?

    1. sherryjackson

      you can face book me.


      1. gerrydrake

        Sorry, I don’t do Facebook. Thanks anyway.

      2. Jediknight

        I have a Facebook profile, but I can’t find yours. Is it hidden?

  15. Ben Anderson

    In reading about all the Oscar talk concerning the silent movie, “The Artist,” it’s interesting to note that Sherry also was part of a silent film–in 1968! This obscure movie was entitled, “Silent Treatment,” and apparently had everyone among the noteworthy cast in the film playing themselves:


  16. Ben Anderson

    President’s Day weekend on ME-TV will be a big one for fans of Sherry:

    On Saturday night (2/18), they’ll be showing the two episodes from Batman: “Death in Slow Motion” and “The Riddler’s False Notion.” Thankfully, they’ll be shown back-to-back, so it will be neatly wrapped up in an hour.

    On (early) Monday morning, an amazing (and happy) coincidence will happen: At 5:30 a.m., they’ll be showing the Dobie Gillis episode, “The Prettiest Collateral in Town.” Naturally, Sherry is the title subject, although I was somewhat amazed that ME-TV actually has this episode summary on its website:

    “Herbert wants Dobie to romance a banker’s bitchy daughter so he can get a loan but the younger Gillis prefers a sweeter lass.”

    In any event, immediately after that episode (at 6 a.m.), they’ll show Sherry’s lone appearance on “Love American Style.” Sherry’s co-star in “Love and the Waitress” is Bob Crane.

    Obviously, the DVR will be in full force that morning, but please make sure the listings in your area are the same.


  17. Phil

    For her book, it may be worth Sherry’s time to visit The UCLA Film & TV Archives (http://www.cinema.ucla.edu/). They have some (but not all) of her more obscure projects(mostly on 16mm film), including ‘Mobile One’, ‘Bringing up Buddy’, ‘Private Secretary’, ‘Chase’, ‘Hawaiian Eye’, ‘Make Room for Granddaddy’, ‘Returning Home’, ‘Wild Women’, etc. They have many eps. of ‘MRFD’ (including a few outtake reels from seasons 2 & 3), as well as the unsold pilot ‘Come a Runnin’’ on 16mm and 35mm film. You cannot watch this stuff online; you have to contact and visit UCLA.

  18. Ben Anderson

    If you can tolerate brief interruptions during the entire film, here is part one (of 10) of Sherry’s 1952 movie, “The Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima”:


    A portion of Sherry’s classic performance on Star Trek:


    On June 25, 1956, Sherry was injured in an accident involving a horse. Here’s the brief Associated Press account from the following day:

    “A horse ridden by Sherry Jackson, who plays Danny Thomas’ teen-age daughter on TV, tumbled into a ravine near Newhall. Miss Jackson was taken to Kaiser Foundation Hospital with bruises. Attendants said she’d be sent home today.”

    A March 1961 description of her appearance on Maverick:

    “Vivacious Sherry Jackson wears a very tight pair of ‘jeans’ and an equally tight jersey during the whole hour segment.

    “Asked how she managed to get the ‘jeans’ so form fitting, she told how, after she put them on, she wet herself down with a hose. Then she stood in the sun for about half an hour.”


  19. Phil

    Clips from ‘Wild Women’:

    “Daniel in the Lion’s Den” episode from the series ‘Greatest Heroes of the Bible’ (dubbed in Portuguese):

    ‘Apache Drums’ trailer (Was Sherry in it? Too fuzzy to see.)

    ‘Bare Knuckles’ trailer:

    Sherry at 3:07 and 6:57 from ‘Bare Knuckles’ clip:

  20. Ben Anderson

    Another uncredited appearance by Sherry (in an iron lung, no less); this one in the 1950 film, “Where Danger Lives” with Robert Mitchum. The film (Sherry appears briefly and silently in the opening scene at the 1:12 mark) was directed by John Farrow, the father of Mia Farrow:


    The trailer for “Trouble Along the Way” that references “adorable Sherry Jackson”:


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