Hello Everyone!

I am very excited to share with you the history of my career. I plan on adding LOTS of trivia and answering your questions. I did not realize there was so much content around until my fans made me aware, and thanks to the Internet, this is now possible. 

When I was on the “Make Room for Daddy Show,” i.e. “The Danny Thomas Show,” I received bags and bags of fan mail.  Besides working, attending school, and studying my lines, on Saturdays I spent all day personalizing my answers to each letter and posting them. Because that left little time for anything else, I became resentful….Eventually, we hired a teenage girl to help me for it became overwhelming. Now that I am MUCH older, I realize how important it is to appreciate my fans and am going to make up for lost time!!! I loved my fans but my very strict mother made things a “have” to,  not a “want” to. Now I really WANT to!!!! So I am looking forward to this adventure and want this site to be fun and interesting and at times funny . So feel free to ask away…..

Sincerely, (that was my closing on my early fan letters but I misspelled “Sincerly” for many early autographs) lol…Now I prefer “Health, Love and Light. ” Maturation is enlightening…






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  1. STfan

    Hi Sherry,
    Like Idaho Guy, I’m patiently awaiting my order (from December) of a signed Star Trek photo, order 6a8a0d093062. If there’s anything I can do to help the process let me know!
    The Star Trek Compendium says of this episode: “Sherry Jackson (Andrea) steals the show with her smooth performance and her William Theiss costume,” and I certainly agree. She’s a very memorable character!
    I hope that you are well and that your move went smoothly.
    Best wishes,

    1. Deggie1

      Sherry, I’m with “ST fan” and “Idaho_Guy” Ive had an order in since last Nov and have seen nor heard nothing from you for quite awhile. My order number is 1997c8822305. Please get with me for I’d love to add the photo to my collection. If you want to contact me personally to work things out that would be great! Let me know! THX!

  2. Idaho_Guy

    Hi Sherry!

    How was the move? I hope it went well and life is going great for you! I was wondering about my order also. I think I placed it back in February :) But that’s okay, I don’t mind…just hope you are doing well. Please let us know if you have any public appearances coming up (and come to Idaho!). You can call with status here (608) 695-3161


  3. wlswarts

    Hi Sherry!

    :) I keep checking in on the exclusive autograph cards you had. You quoted me a price ($50/ea), but haven’t let me know a way to order them. I was super-bummed when you weren’t in Vegas for me to get them, so I’m hoping as soon as you’re done with the move, we can complete the transaction for 2 of the cards. Please let me know as soon as possible, so I can make my order and get those cards for my collection!

    Thank you so much and here’s hoping your health continues to improve!

    -W.L. Swarts

  4. lesyoung


    i very excited to get my order. have you shipped it yet

    please advise

    1. sherryjackson

      DEAR LES,



      1. lesyoung

        dear sherry

        thank you for keeping me inform. i hope all is well with you and your family looking forward to my picture of you.

        love you in lost in space and startrek


      2. lesyoung

        hi sherry

        i hope your are doing well. looking forward to my order I placed in 2015.

        please mail as soon as possible


        les your fan

  5. Dancinqueen_62

    Hello Sherry,

    With the warmest of wishes,this just comes to say, hope that you’re feeling much better today (and everyday) ;) ;)


  6. AT

    Dear Sherry,

    Hope you are doing well :-) All positive and back to strong and good health.

    Just thought I would send you warm wishes and positive energy.


  7. wlswarts

    Hi Sherry!

    You mentioned, when I asked, that you have the exclusive autograph trading cards that Rittenhouse Archives supplied you – you as Andrea on “Star Trek.” You mentioned that they were $50/ea. I would like to order two right away, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that on the site. How might I go about ordering them from you? I’ve been eagerly trying to add these to my collection! :)

    Thanks in advance!

    -W.L. Swarts

  8. rguillet

    Ms jackson, I only became aware of you not too long ago. I probably saw you on star trek, but was young to appreciate you. Lately I have seen you on the rifleman, and I was stunned at how beautiful you are, and a truly great actress. I am now one of your fans.

    Roderick Guillet

  9. richard.weinmann

    Hello sherry hope your health has improved, lost you as a friend on fb been having problems with it, I have a DVD you were in THE LION AND THE HORSE good movie good actress good year.would you have autographed photos from the movie and another you were in COME NEXT SPRING also tv showsMAVERICK and the RiFLEMAN.please let me know YOURS TRULY RICHARD WEINMANN

  10. Mattesky

    Dear Ms. Jackson:

    I am a teacher who is currently out on summer break. This morning I was happy to see you in Wild On the Beach on TV. I recognized you immediately as that gorgeous, intelligent (not necessarily in that order) brunette I’d first seen as a child in the role of an android on the original Star Trek series. It prompted me to look you up on the Internet and seek your web site, if any. Well, I found it, and I want to say that I hope you are doing well. You’ll always have a fan in me. Lastly, are you planning to do any appearances in the Los Angeles area in the months to come? It would be a real treat to meet you.


  11. Idaho_Guy

    Hi Sherry! I truly hope you’re doing well and I’m looking forward to receiving my signed photo :) I hope you’re enjoying the summer. This year is the 50th anniversary of Lost in Space and the cast are doing quite a few appearances. My all-time favorite episode is yours! I would have loved for you to be able to have done more episodes on that show (you should have!).

    All my best,

  12. robert

    Hey, Sherry—is it true that you’re going to be in Las Vegas some time in the next month or two as part of the massive STAR TREK convention they’re having there?! Very cool, if so! I would LOVE to go, but flying scares the bejeesus (spelling?) out of me! It sounds like it would be an amazing time, anyway—as some of my favorite character actors and actresses will be there! It’d be incredibly cool, for example, to meet people like RENE AUBERJONOIS (who was a regular on DEEP SPACE NINE) and ANDREW ROBINSON (who occasionally guested on DS9, but was perhaps best known as the main punk/psycho killer most notably blown away by CLINT EASTWOOD in the first DIRTY HARRY movie!) As for the ladies, JOANNE LINVILLE (who, like you, guested on the original STAR TREK) would be AMAZING to see (once married to film director MARK RYDELL, had been in acting for more than half a century, plus teaches acting classes!) Besides you, Sherry (and MARIANNA HILL, who won’t be in attendance at the event), one other scorching hot TREK baby who WILL be there is CELESTE YARNALL! Perhaps, Sherry, if you are able to attend this event, you can go up to Ms. Yarnall, give her a slightly-longer-than-comfortable hug, and say “This one’s for Bobby”! God, I HAVE GOT TO START KEEPING MY FANTASIES LOCKED AWAY INSIDE MY OVERACTIVE IMAGINATION! LOL?!

  13. lifeofbrian

    Hello, Sherry. Sorry to hear about your fall. Hope you are doing much better. I would very much like an autographed 8×10 of the Star Trek shot of you and the ray gun. I think it’s an awesome photo. Please let me know and I’ll put in an order for it. Thank you, Brian

  14. Deggie1

    Sherry, I don’t mean to keep making comments but I’ve had an order in since November and have seen nothing of it OR a refund! The order number is 1997c8822305. I would really like the signed photo or 2 but if not PLEASE refund the money! I’ll watch for your reply or a change in my order status! THX! Deggie1

  15. robert

    hey, sherry! Last time I checked in with you, I did my needlessly negative overall review of your “Vega$” episode, “The Usurper” (even though I liked you in it, and it was very cool to see you with TONY CURTIS!) From where, exactly, do I get this brash, film-critic style audacity?! Sometimes I am just too incredibly mouthy and opinionated for my own good (or, for that matter, for the good of anyone else!) You had quite the enviable—and durable—film and TV career, Ms. Jackson! It would be beyond cool to meet you at some fan event, but…failing that, it’s always cool to be able to tell you how much you’ve meant to me—both as hormonal enhancement to a growing fanboy, and as just a very cool, longtime consistently-working actress who has left a strong legacy of work for admirers to both appreciate and dissect! Hope your health is good, and that you’ll still be with us for quite a time into the future!

  16. jamestufano

    Hey Sherry, I hope that you are okay…. My name is James, I became a new member on Monday 4/27/15. At that time I sent a comment greeting, but it didn’t go through the system.Sincerely, James Tufano…

  17. jamestufano

    Hey Sherry, I hope that you are okay…. My name is James, I became a new member on Monday 4/27/15. At that time I sent a comment greeting, but it didn’t go through the system. But, again I hope everything is fine with you. Sincerely, James Tufano…

  18. Geezoo

    We are visiting the White Stallion Ranch in Tucson and we took a Movie Hike to see where they filmed movies and tv. They showed us where they filmed you in “The Mini Skirt Mob”.

  19. parke47

    Hello Miss Jackson,
    I hope everything is all right with you. I am just responding because I ordered An autographed picture of you as Andrea the robot from Star Trek Last November and have not received it yet. I hate to ask but if you are not giving autographs anymore I was wondering if I could get a refund then. I don’t have my order number but f there is any other way I could look up my order for you please let me know. Thank you very much.
    Greg Parke

    1. sherryjackson

      Dar Greg,

      I will be sending your photo this week! So SORRY this has taken so long!!! I also will be addding something extra!!!

      Love and Light,


  20. Deggie1

    Sherry just checking on my order again. It was from November, order # 1997c8822305 Hope you are getting better! THX Brett

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