Hello Everyone!

I am very excited to share with you the history of my career. I plan on adding LOTS of trivia and answering your questions. I did not realize there was so much content around until my fans made me aware, and thanks to the Internet, this is now possible. 

When I was on the “Make Room for Daddy Show,” i.e. “The Danny Thomas Show,” I received bags and bags of fan mail.  Besides working, attending school, and studying my lines, on Saturdays I spent all day personalizing my answers to each letter and posting them. Because that left little time for anything else, I became resentful….Eventually, we hired a teenage girl to help me for it became overwhelming. Now that I am MUCH older, I realize how important it is to appreciate my fans and am going to make up for lost time!!! I loved my fans but my very strict mother made things a “have” to,  not a “want” to. Now I really WANT to!!!! So I am looking forward to this adventure and want this site to be fun and interesting and at times funny . So feel free to ask away…..

Sincerely, (that was my closing on my early fan letters but I misspelled “Sincerly” for many early autographs) lol…Now I prefer “Health, Love and Light. ” Maturation is enlightening…






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  1. richard.weinmann

    Dear sherry
    Sorry to hear about your misfortune hope you are feeling better.I remember you from the 1950s tv show mrfd good shows on tv back then, in 1977 I worked for about a year at the manhattan bch Calif post office .and was living in Redondo bch at 2612 Mathews st retired since 2000 now living in holiday fl.
    Best regards
    Richard weinmann

  2. richard.weinmann

    Dear sherry

  3. richard.weinmann


  4. Geezoo

    Hope you doing better and recuperating well. Leslie and I have been busy with taxes. Let me know if I can be of assistance to you. We are coming up to Anaheim this weekend.

  5. toddwest

    Hope you are enjoying the happiness and love you have given so many others lots of love to a wonderful person Todd

  6. Idaho_Guy

    Hi Sherry,

    I hope that all is well with you and you’re enjoying this Easter weekend and some spring weather! Here in Idaho it’s been quite warm since February so not much of a ski season this year. Take care and I’m hoping you’re feeling 100% soon!


  7. patrick farrell

    seen you on the original batman series, hanging out with the riddler! never seen you before or heard of your name till 3-18-2015. WOW you was a knockout! had to look you up to see who you were and how your doing. seems your doing great, and you still look good! look forward to seeing you in more shows. thanks for the time gorgeous and best wishes.

  8. toddwest


  9. toddwest

    Enjoy and appreciate your web and personal appearances Thankyou Love ToddHuntvalley Show!!!!

  10. mbancas

    Hi Sherry,

    Best to you and hope you have not been suffering from your injuries. Any plans to be on the east coast this coming year?

    Michael b

    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Michael,

      Sorry I have not answered you sooner. My health is still deteriorating….Not coming back east…Just the east wing of Mayo clinic….LOL.

      Hope you are Happy and Healthy..

      Love and Light,


  11. scottg5645

    Hi Sherry,,

    I hope you are doing well. I am still recovering from the shock of Leonard Nimoy’s passing. I cried when I heard the news. I was happy to hear he passed at home among family.


  12. STfan

    Hi Sherry,
    Looking forward to receiving the print from your Star Trek episode (order 6a8a0d093062) when you are able to get to it.
    This is one of the best episodes and your performance is remarkable!
    So sorry to hear of your setback. I hope you’re feeling much better!
    Best regards,

  13. Gary Palmietto

    Hi Sherry, Happy Birthday

  14. mikie56

    Hi Sherry,

    Just want to extend my best wishes to you for a very Happy Birthday as well as a full and speedy recovery!

    All the best…Michael

  15. Gary Palmietto

    Hi Sherry, I enjoyed watching The Mini Skirt Mob on Netflix. Besides your performance, the best part of the movie was the ending. You must have made a big impression on my in the 60’s. because when I started to watch ME TV , I was like I remember her, who is she. I always look out for your shows now. I hope you are feeling better and I am happy to become one of your log in fans.


  16. toddwest

    Your work is outstanding!! LOVE!!!Todd

  17. Idaho_Guy

    Hi Sherry,

    I haven’t seen your personal updates here on your site lately, but more importantly I hope all is well and you had a great holiday season! I hope to hear from you soon.

    Greetings from Idaho,

    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Idaho Guy!

      I was born in Wendall Idaho! I used to Love to ski in Sun valley.

      I haven’t been feeling all that great…I took a very bad fall and was in the hospital for a week!

      Much better now that I am working on my site.

      Thank you for asking!

      More later.

      Love Sherry

      1. Idaho_Guy

        Dear Idaho Gal,

        There’s a lot of great country around Wendall. I’m up north near Coeur d’ Alene. Beautiful here as well. I’m so sorry you had to stay in the hospital for a week, how terrible! I do hope you’re feeling better now and am thinking maybe you need a short vacation to Idaho?

        Our Ski season this year wasn’t all that great. I skied once and snowboarded once, but getting too old for snowboarding. I need to stick to skiing only from now on. I spent a most of January in Austria and did some skiing there.

        I love the photos on your site, I’ll place an order in a few minutes.

        Sincere hopes for a fast and full recovery!

  18. Deggie1

    Hi Sherry. I was just wondering where order # 1997c8822305 stands? Hope all is well! THX Brett

    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Brett,

      I have been recovering from a very bad fall :{ Broke my jaw and a few other things, was in the ER for 7 days..So NOw I am back to your photo….Please forgive the delay!!
      I just began driving again today!!!
      BE patient :]] I will put something extra in.


      1. Deggie1

        I’m so sorry to hear of your bad luck! I hope your healing well! I’m not in any hurry so please take your time! I was just wondering when I sent the note! If there was a way that you could sign two photos with different wording that would be GREAT! I meant to order two when I ordered the one. Just please let me know what to do as far as paying and I will do what ever you want! These are for my personal collection! THX so much! Brett

  19. robert

    Hey, Sherry! Just saw you in the “Vega$” episode “The Usurper”! It was—to put it politely—not a good episode! (“Vega$”, generally, was a well-produced bit of fluff!) Still, it was incredibly cool to see you in the final scene as the date of movie legend TONY CURTIS! It’s very interesting that a career like yours—-which spanned close to 30 years overall—contains such unusual highlights as appearances opposite the occasional film star!

  20. AT

    Dear Sherry :)
    How are you? We have not heard any news from you in a while. Hope all is well healthwise.
    Any shows you might be going to in the near future?
    Wishing you well

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