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Brian Quinn had maintained the material and clever commentary you see here on his awesome Tribute Site at which has gone offline. We have preserved all of his work. Enjoy!

Sherry Jackson

Photos and History From an Exciting Career

 This web page is dedicated to one of the most beautiful, talented, and prolific actresses of the last fifty years. An overview of her movie career, television roles, and a collection of pictures from some of her many roles tries to portray her very significant career throughout a lifetime of performing.

Today, Sherry mainly has a following among fans of “”Make Room for Daddy”, and especially the science fiction tv series’ she has appeared in. However, her work spans five decades from the forties through the eighties. First as a child actress, she then made the transition to a television series regular and then to an adult actress and tv series guest star.

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  1. anthony

    I have always admired you, and of course you are very pretty, indeed!
    My favourite was Miracle of our Lady of Fatima.
    What are you doing these days, Ms. Jacskon?

    It’s an honor to write to you

    PS: Whatever happened to Susan Whitney from that movie? She is hardly around.

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