Oct 26

Photos – Wild Women

Five female convicts are recruited to secretly transport arms into Mexican-held Texas in 1840.


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  1. Dave Greene

    Ms Jackson,
    I just want to take a moment to thank you for your art and contribution to both Movies and Television. You are an outstanding actress and so very real and gracious in your interviews. I wish you well and hope you might consider taking a few more roles. It would be great to see you on the screen.

    Warmest Regards,

  2. MaryEllenMcNamara

    I hope this note finds you well and happy. I met you in Aspen Colorado in the early 80’s. I was 19 years old and just trying to find my “free Spirit” I am so grateful for the time you took me under your wing. Your were and I’m sure still, a loving soul.
    I am a MUCH more interesting person for the time we all spent together up at that great house in Aspen.
    It would be a pleasure to catch up on all the time and life that has passed since we last saw each other. You can find me on FB.
    Mary Ellen McNamara McMillon
    Wishing you and your many blessings

  3. Harold

    Hello Sherry,
    Hope you are doing well today! I’m another of your number one fans!! I especially love you in the Westerns. Any chance of your schedule bringing you out west to the Albuquerque area? I would love to see and talk with you! Take care of yourself Sherry.
    Blessings to you and your family! !

  4. josephlicata

    Dear Sherry

    Any appereances in new york Manhhattan area in the future.

    Missed the June 13

    Kind regards
    Joseph licata
    Long island new york

  5. John

    Just saw a old film of your’s ( Trouble Along The Way ) I remember you from Star Trek, The Danny Thomas show , lost in space and other’s But I totaly forgot you were in this film. Do you remember if it was as much fun to film as it apears? I enjoy your work. I catch your films and tv shows when ever I have the chance to.

    God Bless, and Take Care Of your self.

    John Magill
    USN Ret

  6. Ron Forstock

    I have a copy of the movie you were in Wild On the Beach and the Millionaire episode you were in with John Ashley- Susan Johnson, was wondering when you are gonna be in the NY NJ area for a convention so I can make you these specially if you don;t have them, always loved your work as an actress. thanks Ron Forstock.

    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Ron,

      I would love a copy of those two…How sweet of you!


  7. Ron Forstock

    Big Fan of Shery, when is she gonna be in NY for a convention? April 20th 21? or in June, thank you.

    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Ron ,

      Thanks for being my fan…I look forward to meeting you…I will be at Captain Celluloid con in June, around the 13? I am not sure I don’t have my calendar with me but you can google it …It is in Manhatten.

      Love and Light,

  8. Big Jim

    I have been a fan since Make Room For Daddy. I am also a John Wayne fan, having
    147 of his films. I am now trying to get autographs of surviving cast members for my collection only. I have about 12 pictures from Trouble Along The Way. I would like to share them with you with the hope that you will autograph some of them for me but cannot find an address for you or a talant agency to send them to. I am glad to see you are well and I am happy to find this sight. If you welcome this request, please let me know by e-mail or any way you can.Thanks Big Jim

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