Oct 26

Photos – Westerns


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  1. Charles Fisher

    Hi Sherry

    I remember seeing you on the Danny Thomas Show when I was a boy. Then last year I bought a collection of movies and “Wild Women” was on it. After I viewing it became my 3rd all-time favorite movie. How about a shout back.

    Always and Forever
    Charles Fisher

    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Charles,

      You made a great find! I don,t even have a copy but I loved “Wild Women” The story was suggested by Huge O’Brian.I found that out from Huge at his 80th birthday party.

      Thank you for being my fan!!!

      Love and Light,


  2. Charles Fisher

    Hi Sherry

    I remember seeing you on the Danny Thomas Show as a boy. Then in 2013 I picked up a set of movies and on it was “Wild Women” with Hugh O’Brien. After just 1 viewing it became my 3rd all-time favorite movie. I would appreciate a shout back to me either here or at my personal e-mail: Charles.fisher1@att.net.

    Always and Forever

  3. MrTideman

    Hi Sherry, Of I see that you finally got that horse carriage ride out to picnic rock with Jack Kelly as Bart Maverick today as seen on COZI-TV here in New Hampshire on Cable Channel 20 out of Boston from 11-12:00 noon and by #x-number of other stations across the country, of you’re famous again as “Annie Haines” of needing no more leather belts from you pappy Morris Ankrum as “Joshua Haines”, of in this Season 1 Episode 13 of 15 Dec. 1957 entitled: “The Naked Gallows” http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0644513/ of way back when I was only four years old and so heard of these TV westerns from my parents, of my brothers and me of I remember John Forsythe’s “Bachelor Father” on Sunday nights during this same time slot, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1957%E2%80%9358_United_States_network_television_schedule must be some years later when maybe what? 6 or 7? of then onto seeing BONANZA every Sunday night. If and hopefully: When you get some western photo(s) to your “Shop” would you please contact me to buy for my collection, of like I have recently from both Read Morgan with his Sgt. Tasker eye patch and Laurie Mitchell / Roberts now, of from Henry Fonda’s “The Deputy”, of them still “with us”. “Happy Trails” to you, – – Joe H.

  4. Dude

    Just saw her this morning on The Rifleman (“The Sister”). Sherry was very young then and as pretty as any girl I’ve ever seen!

    1. rguillet

      Ive been watching that episode every day, because of Ms. Jackson. Im a little miffed at God, because he never let me meet somebody who at least looked like her.

  5. Scott Frederick

    Just saw Sherry Jackson on a Rawhide. She helped Rowdy Yates (Clint Eastwood) escape. I thought I recognized her from the Star Trek episode. I checked the Internet and I was right. The Rawhide episode was Moment in the Sun.

  6. DON

    thanks, one of my favorite people to see on t.v.

  1. Providencia Dereu

    Woman of Alien…

    Perfect perform you have performed, this site is admittedly neat with fantastic facts. Time is God’s way of keeping anything from occurring at once….

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