Oct 26

Photos – The Mini Skirt Mob


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  1. toddwest

    Great actress !!!!wonderfull person. Love Todd

  2. richard.weinmann

    Dear sherry
    Sorry to hear about your mlsfortune hope you are feeling better I remember you from the tv show mrfd the 1950s were good years would you have autographed photos from back then
    Best regards
    Rich weinmann

  3. Dancinqueen_62

    OMG, I so remember you in a lot of prime time shows back in the 70’s, I had forgotten how gorgeous you were, you have aged gracefully and still are!

  4. MyiPhoneRocks

    OMG!! I love her!!

  5. Kennith Umperovitch

    I have been and always be a big fan of Sherry Jackson! Her work as an actress is one of the greatest talents in show business! My dad took me to see the Mini Skirt Mob. As a kid! The movie made me scared. But I decided to try acting,(I got the acting bug from this film). I could not keep up the with the pressures of movie making. So I went back to doing my little paintings and drawings.

  6. Todd


  7. John

    I just saw you on an old episode of Gunsmoke. Your character “storied” her pa about Chester. Seeing you was a treat and took me back to my childhood crush on you, watching you on the Danny Thomas Show.


  8. Todd

    Sherry happy hallowean children at the mall have their stiff

  9. Todd

    Wishing you a great 2013! One door closes another opens love

  10. Varo777

    Hola Sherry saludos desde Costa Rica espero que estés bien y solo sea un susto lo de tu accidente Dios te proteja

    1. Ben Anderson

      Another mostly correct Google translation:

      Hi Sherry greetings from Costa Rica hope you are fine and just be a scare about your accident God protect you

  11. Varo777

    Hola Sherry saludos desde Costa Rica, siempre me han gustado la serie Star Trek y hoy te vi en un capítulo, ya no se ven mujeres están hermosas como tu, ahora la magia del bisturí parece todo hacerlo, sinceramente me dejo impactado lo hermosa que eras, eras natural asi de bella, que Dios te cuide y te proteja,

    1. Ben Anderson

      Here is the Google translation, which obviously isn’t perfect:

      Hi Sherry greetings from Costa Rica, I’ve always liked the Star Trek series and today I saw a chapter, are no longer women are beautiful as you, now the magic of it all seems scalpel, let me sincerely shocked how beautiful you were , so naturally you were as beautiful, that God watch over you and protect you,

  12. David Brockett

    Hi Sherry,
    I have been a fan of yours since I was very young and to be able to send you a message is an honor. I remember hearing your voice and it made me pause and see the program you were on at the time. I still enjoy seeing you in all the programs and films you were in. I hope you are well. Love this site.

  13. Matt Lawson

    Hi Sherry,

    You’ve had such a varied and exciting career. I’m an actor too but I’ve done primarily TV commercials so although it’s been fun it hasn’t been all that exciting.

    What has it been like to have the opportunity to work with so many major actors on TV?


  14. Mark Lee Rook

    Hi Sherry!
    My Dad and I were watching some
    Make Room For Daddy episodes and were wondering
    about Jean Hagen. How was it working with her
    and what happened to her later that caused her to retire early.
    A dvd with say six or seven different episodes of different shows with you
    (the entire episode) would be great.
    A fan,Mark

  15. Ben Anderson


    The “Maverick” photos (stunning as they are) are actually from James Garner’s later series, “The Rockford Files.”

    The episode the photos are from, “The Real Easy Red Dog,” will be shown on ME-TV on Wednesday, November 2. Of course, if you miss it, it’s also available on Hulu.com.

    Maybe we can urge Hulu to develop an All-Sherry channel!


    1. alexaadap

      know ant recent photo of sherry?

      1. Ben Anderson

        Look at the Phoenix Comicon photos; she still looks great.

  1. Edwardo Cheas

    The Ships’s Voyages…

    I think know-how just makes it even worse. Now there’s a channel to never ever care, now there will not likely be a prospect for them to discover….

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