Oct 26

Photos – Star Trek


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  1. mgr29063

    any autograph cards from star trek available?????Tahnks, Mark

    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Mark,

      I found a few more of the tos unnumbered cards…which is very collectible.

      Let me know if that is the one you are looking for.


      1. wlswarts

        Dear Ms. Jackson,

        I would LOVE to order one or two of the unnumbered TOS Unnumbered autograph cards. Do you still have any available?

        Your fan,

      2. sherryjackson

        HI Wiswart!

        Yes I do have a few left but the price is $50.00.a piece. Truly a collector”s delight….This card was made especially for just me…

        Thanks for being my fan.

        I have not been well….so be patient.

        Love and Light,


      3. wlswarts

        Excellent! How might I go about ordering two?

        -W.L. Swarts

  2. earthbound1975

    Been a fan since I saw you as a child as Efra on “Lost in Space”–hoping you will attend their 50th anniversary gathering at the Hollywood Collector’s Show in L.A. in January, they already have several LIS guest stars signed on. To this day LIS fans love to quote some of your purring dialogue (“Aww…you done cooled off!”). :) Your career as an actress is remarkable. Bet you have lots of wonderful stories from the Danny Thomas era. Anyway, again,hope you’ll attend the H’wood show, thanks for making this website available!


  3. sherryjackson

    Harold…..I am sitting here signing the last picture!!! And it is YOURS….glad you stopped by because I wasn’t sure how to address….Harold? Hal? make me Happy and let me know :}}}



  4. jpeck5150

    Sherry Jackson is the most beautiful woman to ever grace my TV screen, bar none… Wish I was born 20 years earlier…

    1. jpeck5150

      Sherry Jackson is the most beautiful woman to ever grace my TV screen, bar none… Wish I was born 20 years earlier…

    2. sherryjackson

      Dear Peck,

      I wish you were 20 years older ….no… I don,t want to wish that on any one! Thank you for the compliment! :}}]


  5. Alschulz

    Hi Sherry! I just received the signed card today and the special thank you card with it. I showed it to my son Gage as well since you sent the thank you message to both of us. It put a smile on both of our faces. It came just at the right time also since tomorrow is my birthday…turning the big 50! Ouch! By the way, I would like to ask you if you could perhaps tell me a special memory you have of working with Ted Cassidy in the Star Trek episode “What Are Little Girls Made Of?” Believe it or not, Ted worked as a lifeguard in my hometown of Ormond Beach, Florida back at the time he was attending Stetson University in DeLand. Ormond Beach is just north of Daytona Beach. He is still remembered here to this day. It would be neat to here from you something that may or may not be known to the public about working with Ted. Thanks so much Sherry!

  6. Denno56

    Hello Sherry, I just saw you on Wagon Train. sheesh time flys. Id really luv it if youd reply and would be so kind as to chat alittle bit please? thanks so much.

    Dennis from Barre, mass. 01005

  7. Dancinqueen_62

    I just watched this episode on Hulu….needless to say I can’t wait to watch again! Tell me, was there much controversy because of that outfit ? When you moved , amazingly nothing “bounced” , beautifully flawless!

  8. jbh2564

    Smoking Hot that’s all I have to say!

  9. kevin

    Hello Sherry, I just watched the episode The real easy Red Dog from the Rockford Files. Wow what a stunner!! I was wondering have you ever been at comic con for signing autographs? It would be great to get your autograph from that Star Trek episode What little girls are made of. Will you be doing any public signings?

    1. kevin

      P.S. I would like to get a picture taken with you. Will you be doing any public signings?

  10. MyiPhoneRocks

    Was wondering if you still have the 8 x 10 Star Trek photo for sale? Wasn’t sure if there was a limited quantity? If so I will ordered one for sure with you Autograph!! Please let me know!! :)

  11. Dreambo

    I spoke with you awhile ago online. You sent me a picture of you from your Star Trek episode. I cherished it ever since. I recently bought the Star Trek Original Series Season one and was pleasantly elated to see you in “What litlle Girls Are Made of..”
    You are simpley gorgeous!

  12. Frank Nitty

    I had forgotten how beautiful you are until I picked up a new Star Trek magazine at Walmart after work one day. You are showcased in a section of the magazine devoted to Star Trek women.
    How did it feel to fall in love with a Vulcan!

  13. Bill

    I recall seeing the episode “What Little Girls are made Of” when I was 10. And at 57, I just now watched it again. I still chuckle at your line…

    Andrea: “I will kiss you”

    Kirk: “No. It is illogical” with that little dismissive hand wave.

    Then you shoot him with the phaser.

    Even in the future, Hell Hath No Fury. Even among stunning android babes!


    PS. I saw a photo of the wrecked Porsche. Bummer. I’ve managed to total 3 so far.

  14. JOSEPH

    the most beautifull women ever .


  15. Jayden

    I recently have started watching Star Trek: The Original Series and was literally awestruck by your stunning beauty when I saw this episode. You were a guest star and made one of your most memorable performances, as well as one of the most memorable by anyone I’ve ever seen. You’re undoubtedly the most beautiful woman of the Star Trek franchise and I would love to obtain one of your autographed photos.

  16. aurora1000

    Great to see you have a website. I was watching Star Trek on Netflix and saw this episode again. I rememberw when I was 13 and saw it originally. I thought you were the most beautiful woman I ever saw. Still do. This is what I love about the internet. I can say to you I am a fan years later. Hope you are well.

  17. Ron Waite

    When I saw What Are Little Girls Made Of for the first time I was blown away! I always liked her on the Danny Thpmas show, but here she was a developed woman. And man did she develop!! Always wondered what became of her and thanks to various websites I founf out.

  18. Colin Blake

    I could not put it any better than Mr. Rick Droit’s comments. You are truly a beauty!

  19. Rick Droit

    I loved you in this episode of Star Trek, it is my all time favorite, and you are one of the Classic Trek Girls. . Your portrayal of Andrea was very moving and as I said due to your performance and your stunning beauty in that great jumpsuit and the storyline, “What Little Girls Are Made Of” is my all time favorite episode.

    Just wanted you to know, you are timeless. Thanks for putting up this site, im enjoying very much

  1. Rosalia Gordillo

    Woman of Alien…

    Great do the job you’ve completed, this page is really interesting with great information and facts. Time is God’s way of retaining everything from going on without delay….

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