Oct 26

Photos – Perry Mason


  1. Jubal

    I watched Ms Jackson’s Perry Mason episode recently on MeTV and almost fainted when she stepped out of the swimming pool! Hubba hubba to the max, daddy-o! What a body! But she went on to prove as the plot went on that not only is she a beautiful lady but a very talented actress. No wonder she seems so familiar to me…when I look at her list of credits, I must have seen her LOTS of times over the years in countless TV shows & films. What a stellar career! And she comes across here on her website as a very sweet, down to earth, friendly, humble & classy lady. Good for her! And lucky us who have had the good fortune to find her incredibly entertaining & informative website! Wishing Miss Jackson, her loved ones and all her fans the BEST! :-)

  2. woodchuck

    I wonder if there is a poster of Madeline Randall standing by the pool in TCOT Festive Felon… That is when I became smitten by Sherry Jackson. What poise! What beauty! What pertness!

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