Oct 26

Photos – More Sherry Pics


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  1. Phil

    Color lobby card for ‘Come Next Spring’:

    Pressbook printed by 20th Century-Fox for theaters to promote ‘Wild on the Beach’:

  2. rickgrande

    Hi Ms. Jackson,

    I am so thrilled to have found and registered to your site. As many other fans have mentioned, I too have been a crazy admirer of you and your work. You are without a doubt the most beautiful and sexiest women in movies and television. And, not sure if any adoring fans have also said how sexy your voice is. Makes me melt!

    Please help… I remember a trailer on television years ago for a show in which you appeared. A gentleman walks into his bedroom to find you there, underneath the sheets, ostensibly undressed. You simply say, “Make a Wish.” WOW! Can you or a fan identify the show and perhaps direct me to where I can view it.

    MY sincere admiration,


  3. MrTideman

    Thank you Phil for all these links to past purchases on e-bay (by you?) of some pictures have now evaporated into nothingness of is there a way to re-capture them? Like that post by you of from May 4th of 2012 = ” Sherry as saloon girl at 1965 costume party (LA Times photo, front & back): ” of what exact day and month? of 1965 I presume. At page #____ on the microfilm at the library? I’d like to copy such at only 10-cents to go with a hoped-for western glossy 8×10-inch (B&W or color) photo to eventually buy from Sherry here as autographed would be super fantastic! Me here today of from her in that other Maverick TV episode, of I see from her imdb page at: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0414046/ that she was in just these two episodes of “Red Dog” and that as seen today on COZI-TV from 11-1`2:00 o’clock “High Noon” (;-) of: “The Naked Gallows”. Re: thanks for the link of: http://s3.sidereel.com/episodes/782395/featured/c5b8.1.13.jpg to the Gallows one, and the other western of Death Valley Days, of the one with http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DeForest_Kelley works fine, but no picture at the other link now gone. Plus “Mission: Impossible” style, of your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to find and post as many western photos as you can find over at her western page here, of like from: Wild Wild West = 2 episodes, The Virginian = 1, Rawhide = 1, Wagon Train = 1, Gunsmoke = 2, Maverick ( = 2, thanks), The Rifleman = 1, and The Roy Rogers Show = 1 plus more. – – Joe H. P.S. If you find that L.A. for “Los Angeles Times” article with photo, a good place to footnote such might be over at: http://projects.latimes.com/hollywood/star-walk/sherry-jackson/ as a comment about her Hollywood Star;

  4. Phil

    Here are a few Sherry photos that I’ve never seen before:

    ‘Twilight Zone’ set, dated 7/18/1961

    Family pic from ‘When I Grow Up’

    ‘Make Room for Daddy’ family Christmas

    Sherry & Rusty at Christmas

    D. Kelley & Sherry in ‘Death Valley Days’

    1956…outside her dressing room?

    w/ Danny Thomas

    ‘Maverick’ (“Red Dog”)

    The 8/22/1978 issue of the ‘Midnight Globe’ tabloid, which has a Sherry article with pics:

    May 25-31, 1957 St. Louis Post-Dispatch TV mag – Sherry w/ Rusty & Angela on cover:

    ‘Surfside 6’ w/ Troy Donahue

    ’77 Sunset Strip’ (“The Kookie Caper”) w/ Edd Byrnes

  5. Chuck

    Sherry…I’ve always thought you were the most beautiful actress on the planet & hope you’re enjoying life in Encino. Do you have any future plans to reappear in any upcoming roles on tv or movies? God Bless!!!

  6. Phil

    April 1958 Children’s Playmate Magazine:


    ‘My Three Sons’ publicity photo:


    Great artwork on the VHS big box cover of ‘Abigail Wanted’ (the UK title of ‘Stingray’):


  7. Phil

    Here’s a publicity pic of Bill Shatner and Sherry from ‘Star Trek’, which I hadn’t seen before:


    At this link are various “tiles” that have a few pictures or screen shots:


  8. Phil

    More unusual E-Bay items:

    1957 ABC promo photo for ‘TDTS’…the three stars are announcing a new time slot beginning Thursdays on Feb. 14 at 9:00 PM:

    A framed collage of ‘MRFD’ photos…includes a color pic of the four stars next to a blue station wagon (probably from first season):

    ABC photo of Danny Thomas and the crew on the set of ‘TDTS’, 9/21/1957:

  9. Phil

    More Chicago Tribune press photos recently placed on Ebay:

    ‘Maverick’ (“Red Dog”):

    Child/Adult comparison in 1967:

    ‘Death Valley Days’:

    Adult/Child comparison in 1963:

    ‘The Lieutenant’:

    Cut & Paste photo sequences from ‘Surfside 6’:




  10. Phil

    FYI, Sherry made the cover for a “2 Movies on 1” DVD (Cotter/What Comes Around):


  11. Phil

    Sherry as saloon girl at 1965 costume party (LA Times photo, front & back):


  12. Phil

    The Chicago Tribune has a Sherry pic for sale on Ebay:


    Here’s the caption it came with on Jan. 22, 1960:

    Sherry Jackson, an actress since she was 5 years old, has been baking cakes and cookies for as long as she can remember. With her here is Peter Brown of “Lawman.”

  13. Phil

    Small pic of Sherry in big ad for ‘The Lion and the Horse’:

    Another source with Sherry pics (movies only):

  14. Phil

    Most interesting item among her stuff on E-bay is a 1959 UPI wire service photo of SJ and Shirley Knight:


    This site has a few photos of Sherry if you query her name…most interesting items are two color shots from ‘My Three Sons’ and a 1959 full-page ad from an entertainment magazine:


    Unlabeled still from 1957 ‘Maverick’ episode (“The Naked Gallows”):


  15. Phil

    FYI, query Sherry’s name at gettyimages.com and you’ll find 30 pics of her (all but two of them are from ABC-TV network programs). Corbisimages.com has only two photos. One is a family shot from season 5 of The Danny Thomas Show. The other shows her with Bob Hope and nine other young ladies in 1959; here’s link:


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