Oct 26

Photos – Rockford Files


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  1. Geezoo

    We just wanted to thank you for a lovely visit we had with you yesterday. It was great to meet you and Bella. Also, thank you for the photos too. Not only do you have a new fan in my daughter, but also a couple of new friends in San Diego. Let me know if you need me to help you with that issue you mentioned to us yesterday.
    Ernie & Leslie

    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Ernie and Leslie,

      A true delight to have met you!

      Love and Light,


  2. Geezoo

    I’m so sorry to hear about your fall. I’ll pray for you fast recovery. I lost my front tooth many years ago because I made the mistake of teasing my pet terrier. It will probably be easier if I pick up the photos at the guard gate. I’ll be up with my daughter on Friday, March 6th at Burbank through the weekend. I believe MDR is Marina Del Rey. I’m flexible that day, so if you want, we can work out the details by phone later. Get better soon and let me know if I can help you out.

  3. Geezoo

    Just wanted to give you an update. Still haven’t received your photo yet since we last spoke. Hope all is well. Will be in LA on March 6 – 8th.
    Ernie Gee

    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Ernie,

      Let me know your plans….I live in MDR. and I could leave your pictures with the guard

      gate . I cannot see an one because I took a fall on my face broke my jaw and two of my front teeth :(

      so we can do that or I will mail them I can now drive again had brain cuncussion!!!

      Thanks to every one for being so kind!



  4. Geezoo

    It was fun speaking with you last week. You provided me with a lot of useful info. Just wanted to let you know my family will be in Los Angeles this Saturday in case you want me to pick up the photo. Thanks again.
    Ernie Gee

  5. Brent44

    I have no idea if this note goes through. First time I ever tried this. I saw you on an old Perry Mason. Remembered how much I like you. You were my first favorite actress. I knew being an Oklahoma boy chances of ever meeting you were very remote. As it turns out I was right. James Garner is from Norman and his brother married my moms first cousin,Anita. Through the years I would see him when he came back. On one of these occasions I thought to ask him if you were as pretty and nice as I had always thought. He said just as nice and pretty as they come. If you know him he is not given to unwarranted compliments. You will always be my consummate 10. Hope someday to meet you. Thanks, Brent

  6. Gary Andersen

    One of Sherry’s smaller roles (The Real Easy Red Dog), but great as always being young and vibrant with her perfect figure. (P.S. great show)

  7. Todd

    sherry Have a great-Wonderful birthday-2013!!!! You have made others happy with your work and life Love Todd

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