Oct 26

Photos – Lost In Space


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  1. Idaho_Guy

    Hi Sherry!

    For years I have enjoyed seeing you on TV, especially your character on Lost in Space. It just seems like you were having so much fun with it and was given a lot of freedom to just be yourself (with the great southern accent!). So happy to find your website today! I’ll have to buy some of your signed photos. Looking in your store and wishing there was an item there for “lunch with Sherry” ! Take care :)


  2. justincase

    I admit I just found out about Sherry Jackson this year! It was on Hulu Lost in Space where I noticed some really great actors. As a former model who went to acting school, I tend to notice things in shows differently. I often will watch twice. Once for the acting & next to enjoy the show. I notice Ms. Jackson blew it away with her performance & of course the lady who played her mother did an excellent job too. She was the voice in The Exorcist.

    I started doing research to find films or shows Sherry was in then realize she might have retired or something in 1980 but my gosh, she is such a talent it would be so nice if she made a film. She has a range where she could do anything but comedy is hard yet she could do that & I bet she would be great. I wonder since Jodie Foster produces & directs if perhaps the two could work together? Sherry would be perfect for a role in nearly any part as the Star or co Star imo. I hope she will do some acting again. I am her new fan. I’ve never been a fan of anyone before until now & not some crazy obsessed fan. I just respect the quality of work she has done.

    Anyone know if she does autographs? I’ve never had one from a celebrity but wish I could get one from her.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone 2014..

    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Justin,

      You have indeed inflated my ego! Thank you for all the Kudos.

      I know that you have just discovered me so I feel that I need to tell you that I have made 5 seasons of “Make Room for Daddy” also known the 4th and 5th season as “The Danny Thomas” show. which is a 3 camera sit com and I have done a lot of other comedy as an adult. I enjoy all kinds of venues.

      I would be glad to send you a signed photo. Go to the Store here on my site and find one that you like:)

      Love and Light,


  3. Scott


    Loved your Lost in Space appearance!! So very exciting to find this site here! Congratulations on an amazing career!

  4. Michael Walls

    Watched Lost In Space rerun and had to wait for the credits – I know that face!! Then I googled you and WOW – you were all over my TV memories. I still watch the old Star Trek. You had the most perfect set in Hollywood – android or not ,-]

    1. John S

      Hi Sherry

      I have seen you today in the Britsh TV in Star Trek as Andrea and also tried to google you.

      I have seen the original when it was running in the TV in Germany, we had only a black and white TV then.

      Now looking at your website I am surprised, like Michael, how many films I know and never knew the actress.

      Just thanks and God bless you.

  5. cfrank713

    Do you have any projects pending or recently completed for viewing?
    Hallmark Network or a role on Tom Selleck’s “Blue Bloods” would be a great opportunity.
    Checkout an old novel “Daughter of the Elm by G D Hall, this would suit you and Robert Duvall. :)
    Planning to visit our area in Northern Va.?

  1. Leonardo Hynds

    The Birch of the Shadow…

    I feel there could become a couple duplicates, but an exceedingly helpful listing! I’ve tweeted this. Several thanks for sharing!…

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