Sep 27

Photos – Sherry on “Alice”

Sherry makes an appearance on “Alice”

Alice Hyatt (Linda Lavin) is an unemployed widow after her husband, Donald, is killed in a trucking accident, and with her young son Tommy (played by Alfred Lutter in the pilot episode, reprising his role from the movie, but played by Philip McKeon thereafter) heads from their New Jersey home to Los Angeles so that she can pursue a singing career. Her car breaks down on the way in Phoenix (from a presumed engine fire, as seen in the opening credits), and we meet her soon after she has taken a job as a waitress at Mel’s Diner, on the outskirts of Phoenix. (The later seasons’ exterior shots were of a real diner, named Mel’s, still in operation in Phoenix.) Alice works alongside Mel Sharples (Vic Tayback), the grouchy, stingy owner and cook of the greasy spoon, and fellow waitresses and friends, sassy, man-hungry Florence Jean “Flo” Castleberry (Polly Holliday), and neurotic, scatterbrained Vera Louise Gorman (Beth Howland).


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  1. Jubal

    What a cutie pie the Marvelous Ms Jackson was…and STILL IS !! I’m having so much fun looking at all these wonderful pics !! Many thanks to her & her website team for sharing them with us !! CHEERS !!

  2. Balu

    This was my favorite show of all.

  1. Joann Osterberg

    Souls in the Waves…

    Great Early morning, I just stopped in to go to your web site and assumed I would say I appreciated myself….

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