Hello Everyone!

I am very excited to share with you the history of my career. I plan on adding LOTS of trivia and answering your questions. I did not realize there was so much content around until my fans made me aware, and thanks to the Internet, this is now possible. 

When I was on the “Make Room for Daddy Show,” i.e. “The Danny Thomas Show,” I received bags and bags of fan mail.  Besides working, attending school, and studying my lines, on Saturdays I spent all day personalizing my answers to each letter and posting them. Because that left little time for anything else, I became resentful….Eventually, we hired a teenage girl to help me for it became overwhelming. Now that I am MUCH older, I realize how important it is to appreciate my fans and am going to make up for lost time!!! I loved my fans but my very strict mother made things a “have” to,  not a “want” to. Now I really WANT to!!!! So I am looking forward to this adventure and want this site to be fun and interesting and at times funny . So feel free to ask away…..

Sincerely, (that was my closing on my early fan letters but I misspelled “Sincerly” for many early autographs) lol…Now I prefer “Health, Love and Light. ” Maturation is enlightening…






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  1. robert

    sweetness, am sorry to hear about your recent hospital stay—hope all is now well with you—we have to keep our hot girls healthy for as long as possible! LOL! Sherry, it’s always been beyond cool to be able to speak with you, to dissect our favorite moments of our favorite performances of yours over the years (even if—at times—our favorite moments amounted to nothing more than your being able to completely, enviably, mouthwateringly…somebody stop me!—secondary LOL—fill out a William Theiss costume!) You were notably, insanely, mesmerizingly beautiful in your youth (and—realistically—-maybe only a little bit less so now) in a town where mesmerizing beauty was the norm! You definitely made your mark in celluloid history, Sherry—with both awe-inspiring looks, and genuine talent! It’s an honor to be able to communicate all of this to you!

  2. ktypestar

    Hey Sherry,

    I think you and Deanna should do a film project soon…That would be really cool…You should bounce that off of her and see how she reacts… ;^)


  3. ktypestar

    Hey Sherry,

    I just noticed your August 12th posting. I HATED staying in the hospital once when I was 17-would roam the halls and keep putting my street clothes back on at every opportunity! So sorry to hear you were in there…. ;^(

    I flew back to Hermosa yesterday. I’d been back in The Nations for an entire month-mainly catching up on farm & oilfield repairs. Had to do everything from welding patches on an oil tank to repairing flat tractor tires and having bulldozer work done….However, just before I left last month, did a fun film gig up in Burbank at a producer’s house…You’ll like this story.

    The film was called “Boned”. (And no, Sherry-it WAS NOT a porn film-HA!) I was sitting in the make-up room and finishing up my wardrobe when Deanna Lund walked in…I immediately recognized her, and had heard she had been cast in the project, but I didn’t think she was doing any scenes that particular day. I always remember her in the Irwin Allen TV show “Land Of the Giants” when I was a kid…We’re Facebook friends, but I don’t think Deanna really gets into Facebook much. Anyway, we initially visited some-then quite a bit later after we had done our scenes and had Craftie. Do you and Deanna still work with the animal rescue sanctuary project? I meant to ask her what you two gals had been up to lately…

    I’ve been cast in another TV pilot-think my scenes are next week. Also-have to follow up on a bite concerning a film project.

    My little “Dead Sea” film went to Wal-Mart about a month ago. I think Mom bought a ton of copies-as well as my sisters…

    I’ve often wondered what I’d do if I was ever cast in some scenes with you…As you well know, you’re my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE female star! I’d probably go hyperventilate in a paper bag for a few minutes, but I’d pull it off…THEN I’d go somewhere discreet on-set and quietly melt down like hot butter as I realized that I actually did one of my major goals in life…Being cast in a scene with Sherry Jackson!!! (Even attending a Red Carpet event with you would cover my life’s wish list, that’s for sure!) I’ll always have a “#1″ saved for you anytime!

    Get better really soon. You’ll need to get stronger to throw eggs this Halloween….LOL! Don’t worry-you won’t have to buy any….I’ll have plenty I can share with you…

    My life is very odd at times (especially with the Hollywood stuff over the last four years) but it’s always interesting, exciting and sporadic….Really like to share a day or two of it visiting with you in the near future! :^)

    As always, Respectfully yours,

  4. AT

    Dear Sherry :’)

    I hope you are well and back in health.

    I was wondering if you had any more of the Unnumbered TOS Star Trek Rittenhouse cards, as i would like to order two of them.

    Thank you much


    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Tom,

      I fortunately found some more unnumbered tos ….so I can send you two more but the price has gone up..Since these were made just for me, there will never be any more. I have been told they will be quite valuable. The price is $40.00 dollars per card.Let me know if this works for you.

      Love and Light,


      1. AT

        Hi Sherry :-)
        thank you for the reply. Sure it works for me also. I will buy two of them at 40$ each. Do i still do it by ordering them through the Star Trek photo?

      2. AT

        Hi again :-)

        I just placed an order and sent payment of 80$ for the two cards :) ))
        Thank you much

  5. thomas scalzo

    Sherry, I am sorry to hear you had another hospital stay.. I was hopping you could help me . I am writing a picture book on Errol Flynn. I know that you were in a movie with Flynn in 1951 -Hello God. I was wondering if there was a way i could send a xerox of a photo to you so you can identify it as a still from the movie.. There are no known shots from the picture that i am aware of.. I do believe the photo I have is from the movie.and you are probably the only person that can confirm this.

    I have recently been informed that a print of “Hello God” has been found and is being restored at Eastman House in Rochester New York. I live In Niagara Falls and plan on a trip there shortly. I did try to make the Mid Atlantic show that you attended, but had a job commitment that ruined my plans. I did want to talk to you a bit about the movie at the convention. At the moment a senior editor at Running Press is working on getting final approval for the book.

    I do look forward to hearing from you, as i would love to have any memories you can recall from the movie. I have been a fan for years , and think you are so beautiful. I mentioned your name to Johnny Crawford at a recent celebrity event , and he had fond memories of you. I still remember how he described you in the Rifleman “beautiful brown eyes and chestnut hair.
    Thank you,
    Tom Scalzo

  6. Mark Rook

    Dear Sherry:

    It’s been more than a year since I wrote you. How are you?
    First time I asked you about your Elvis dates and “The Governess” episode.
    Thanks for the response!
    I recently purchased eight episodes of Danny Thomas show fall
    of 1958. The best episode is “Terry Goes Steady”. Your in two episodes,
    the other is” First Anniversary”. I like the show, it’s well written and funny.
    I also found a small promo photo of you at an antique shop, about 11
    years old. I framed it! Plan to buy a big girl photo when I can make up
    my mind.
    I wish you well.

    Mark in Tennessee

  7. Batfan

    Hi Sherry! Hope you are well. I was just checking on the Batman autographed photo that you and I had discussed. I ordered it last month. I know you are very busy and don’t want to bother you, but I will take any chance I get to say Hi to you.

    1. sherryjackson

      Hi Al,

      Unfortunately I had another stay in the hospital….I am home now and trying to get stronger! I haven’t for gotten you!!

      I will send your picture SOON …..

      Love and Light,

      Your special Bat girl:)))

  8. Batfan

    Hi Sherry, Have you ever seen the book “Bat Bad Girls”? Its about the Batman villainesses and henchgirls from Batman TV show. Your page is especially great with a lot of pictures. I bought mine on Amazon in case you want to check it out.

    Hope you are doing well!


    1. sherryjackson

      Hey Al,

      THanks for the heads up on the book. I only have two pictures and I am sending you both.



  9. ktypestar

    Hi Sherry,

    I heard about your accident recently. If you’re still laid up for a while, don’t hesitate to contact me (or Cousin Jay) if you need errands run, hauled around anywhere, etc….We plan on being in Hermosa until about the end of the month-then flying back to Tulsa for about a week. (Trying to catch up on repairs at the “August: Osage County” house back there, plus the recent rains have washed out sections of my gravel ranch roads-many hours of tractor and bulldozer work.) As always, if you want a change of scenery, you’re always welcome to hang out at the building for the day…I promise we won’t make you do any floor sanding, drywall repairs or painting work…LOL! We will, however, throw in a meal… ;^)

    Get better soon!

    Respectfully yours,

  10. scottg5645

    Hi Sherry,

    I just joined the site and am excited to be here! I wasn’t aware of the impressive body of work you’ve done and glad you have a star in Hollywood. I’m a TOS Star Trek, Wild, Wild West, and 60′s fan in general.

    I remember a few years ago you were supposed to appear at a con in Orlando but cancelled. I know things happen and I hope you can make it back sometime. I will certainly get one of your pictures here just in case.

    Peace and love,


    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Scott,

      I have been sick again but after a hospital stay, I am recovering, just tired. I will be sensending you your photo as soon as I can :) ))


  11. arontheradio

    Sherry, I have been a fan since the Danny Thomas days and often wondered what you have been up to. It was a joy to see your recent interviews via You Tube, still as lovely as ever. Thank you for all your hard work. Art R

  12. quality333

    Sherry you were so beautiful and still are so beautiful. Your beauty reminds me of the days when men looked at women not as objects but as women that represent beauty within and without. You were blessed with gorgeous features to this day . I was 8 yrs old when the Batman tv series hit the airwaves The anticipation of that show was bigger than the Beatles. You were in one of the classic episodes from the first season with the Riddler Frank Gorshin actually made that show what it is today as far as im concerned. When i saw the clip of you in 1988 hosted by Leonard Nemoy talking about kissing William Shatner i was like WOW . You must have been in your 40;s at the time and you were drop dead gorgeous . When i read you fell down recently i hope you are ok . It is very easy to develop a crush on you regardless of how old you are Take care

    1. sherryjackson

      Dear Quality!

      You make me realize how much My performance had on such an Iconic show! I am honered by your words.

      Thank you,
      Wishing you Health and Happiness…


  13. Batfan

    I’m super excited to have ordered an autograph pic from your Batman appearance. Awesome!

  14. toddwest

    Loved meeting you in Baltimore!!!!lLove Todd

    1. toddwest

      Loved the hunt valley show!!!Love Todd

    2. thomas scalzo

      Sherry, Just wondering if you will be at the Hunt Valley show in Sept 2014… Thank you Tom Scalzo TS.

  15. andygiirl

    hey Sherry, :)

    I hope you’re well. I was wondering if you sent me the card yet… I ordered it on April 25. I’ve been eagerly awaiting it’s arrival to the point of making my mailman uncomfortable. lol

    looking forward to hearing from you again. :D
    thanks again!

    Andriana Variantzas

    1. sherryjackson


      I fell down and hurt my self! Silly me!!! I am going to the post office tomorrow and send you your card….Give the postman a big Hug!

      Love and Light,


      1. andygiirl

        hey Sherry,

        I’m so sorry to hear that you fell, I hope that it was nothing serious and that you’re alright.
        I’ll consider the hug…lol…


        (as we say in Greek which means to “be strong as iron”)


  16. PaulOConnor

    Hi Sherry,
    I purchased one of your autographed photos on May 2nd through Paypal and as yet I haven’t been notified as to it’s shipping. Could you please let me know when the photo was shipped, thanks very much. :-)
    Order No. 6e2f722c1b1b


    1. sherryjackson

      Paul, my comment to Andygirl also apply’s to you. Sorry for the delay I am up and running now….I keep forgetting that I am 72 ouch!

      Love and Light,


      1. PaulOConnor

        Hi Sherry,
        thanks for the quick response and am Sorry to hear about your accident but glad your on the improve.
        There is no shame in slowing down….. a little :-)


      2. PaulOConnor

        G’Day Sherry,
        just letting you know the photo arrived safely today, Was a great buzz to receive your personal note and even the one on the back of the envelope :-).
        Thanks very much and I hope your are feeling much better.
        Regards Paul
        P.S. yes it is far away down here in Australia lol ;-) you should visit

  17. robert

    Hello again, Sherry! Just went and bought “Vega$”, the complete series, starring the late ROBERT URICH! Can’t wait to get to your second-season episode called “The Usurper” (who says television isn’t educational? I had to go and look that word up!) Also, I wouldn’t be “name-dropping Bobby” if I neglected to mention that said episode also guest-starred “Mr. Brady” himself, ROBERT REED, as well as the beautiful ’60′s-to somewhat present day TV and film actress, ROSEMARY FORSYTH, who reportedly squandered a good career with a penchant for trouble, and a perceived bad attitude within the industry! Fun times with vintage TV!

    1. robert

      perhaps I should apologize for my slam against ROSEMARY FORSYTH (who was a co-star with you, Sherry, in the “VEGA$” episode “The Usurper”) on a previous post! I don’t know Ms. Forsyth personally, have never met her—I was only going by some negative press or opinion pieces regarding Ms. Forsyth and her career that I had read earlier!

  18. mbancas

    Hi Sherry,

    I love your glamour shot #1, do you remember the photographer?

    Michael b

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