Hello Everyone!

I am very excited to share with you the history of my career. I plan on adding LOTS of trivia and answering your questions. I did not realize there was so much content around until my fans made me aware, and thanks to the Internet, this is now possible. 

When I was on the “Make Room for Daddy Show,” i.e. “The Danny Thomas Show,” I received bags and bags of fan mail.  Besides working, attending school, and studying my lines, on Saturdays I spent all day personalizing my answers to each letter and posting them. Because that left little time for anything else, I became resentful….Eventually, we hired a teenage girl to help me for it became overwhelming. Now that I am MUCH older, I realize how important it is to appreciate my fans and am going to make up for lost time!!! I loved my fans but my very strict mother made things a “have” to,  not a “want” to. Now I really WANT to!!!! So I am looking forward to this adventure and want this site to be fun and interesting and at times funny . So feel free to ask away…..

Sincerely, (that was my closing on my early fan letters but I misspelled “Sincerly” for many early autographs) lol…Now I prefer “Health, Love and Light. ” Maturation is enlightening…






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  1. zachpeter

    Hi Sherry,

    Every Easter I watch the DVD of Miracle of Our Lady of Fatima. You were a wonderful child actress and I remember everything you’ve done, that I’ve seen. Although the movie is a little cheezy by today’s standards, I guess, that ending always gets me, ” I can See Again” or “Mama, I can walk”. I can’t get enough of it. By the way, you turned into a beautiful woman. Pete

    1. sherryjackson


      So Happy that this movie is still creating joy!!!

      Love and Light,


  2. Blimpboy

    Sherry, do you have any more of the unnumbered autograph cards from Star Trek for sale anymore? I saw one online and would like to get one.

  3. ktypestar

    Hey Sherry,

    Here’s a question for you: Why are 99% of Hollywood auditions held in junked-out, abandoned-looking buildings? It’s just so….depressing!!! Hard to get into character and study “sides” when it seems like I’m auditioning in really rough areas of downtown Los Angeles-LOL!

    The most disturbing audition I ever attended was in that abandoned bank building at Caehengua & Hollywood Blvd….(That tall concrete building on the northeast corner of that intersection.) I walked in there for an audition-I think it was for some sort of commercial years ago. I had just finished my audition-then had sat back down in the front lobby to go over my notes before I went home. Wow-that building is SO “trashed-out” on the inside! Anyway…A thin, homeless guy (I’d say in his late 20′s) walked into the lobby in filthy clothes. He also smelled so bad, several people had to leave the room. He was also acting really crazy…The guy was actually on the list for an audition, but then got really mad when he was told there was no “free” headshots with his audition! (I don’t know where he came up with THAT belief???!!!) The guy then at first started cussing out the receptionist, then everyone elese in the room-including myself…I felt my hackles rising, and I stood up from my chair-expecting a fight…

    About that time, an older, silver-haired guy (whom I swore was Richard Jaeckel at first sight but I knew Richard was deceased by then) burst out of one of the adjoining offices from the lobby. With lightning speed, he hooked his right hand through the crazy guy’s belt above his wallet. He then took his left hand and grabbed the guy by his collar at the back of his neck-then “pitched” the cussing crazy guy out the open lobby door!!! The guy went rolling, and by the time he got up, the silver-haired guy had “put a boot factory” up the rear-end of the crazy guy before he ran off!!! I wish I had THAT one on film….However, everyone freaked out and left the lobby in a hurry…LOL! I never went back there….

    Have you ever seen anything like that around Hollywood?

    Respectfully yours,
    Cousin Jim

  4. ktypestar

    Hi Sherry!

    I had an interesting experience yesterday…I was in Pasadena-on the set of a new TV pilot called “A Good Life”. One actress on-set could have almost been your twin! She said she gets that a lot…Every time I looked over at “you” (her) I would forget my lines..! ;^) They want me back on Friday, but those scenes will be shot up at Santa Clarita. There seems to be a lot of film/TV work going on in the Newhall/Santa Clarita area….I can see why, as Los Angeles is becoming so anti-film friendly…Everyone has their hand out, plus the paperwork/film permits, etc. are becoming a nightmare!

    I assume you still keep up your SAG status…??? I received a “Taft-Hartley” for the work I did in “Lake Of Fire”, so I walked into the SAG/AFTRA offices last week and gave it to them, as the production company was dragging their heels in filing it. In addition, I had received a SAG voucher for the scenes I did in “Rock Of Ages” two years ago-at least that credit was in their files…I’m also supposed to earn another Taft-Hartley for a taping of a “Antique Road Show-type” TV show on Saturday-plan to file that one as well…If THAT doesn’t qualify me as being SAG-eligible, then I don’t know what will… I understand the initial membership dues are a lot more since SAG/AFTRA merged…(3100 bucks!) Naturally, the receptionist there was from Oklahoma, so we had a nice visit… ;^)

    Had an audition today…It was for a commercial-audition was in the 1200 block of Vine in Hollywood…Maybe I have a better than average chance of snagging that gig, as I knew the girl who interviewed me…Nothing happening tomorrow, but Thursday I do have another audition in Burbank-some sort of new TV game show….

    Need to get back to The Nations to catch up on ranch/oilfield repairs & work, but will probably stave that off until the second weekend of April…Hopefully, things will finally warm up there-hate working outside when the days are miserably cold and uncomfortable…In bad weather, all I want to do is sit at the house in front of the fireplace…I then always eat too much and do paperwork…

    The little “Dead Sea” film I was in will be sold at Wal-Mart soon…Understand it’s also going to Red Box….Netflix doesn’t have it on-stream yet, but they are renting/selling the DVD’s…Amazon.com is also taking orders…

    We have some good Red Carpets coming up over the next few months….;^)

    Respectfully yours,
    Cousin Jim

  5. Phil

    Another lucky break…Sherry’s episode of ‘The Immortal’ was posted today:


  6. Phil

    For those who want to see ‘The Breaking Point’ on the big screen, UCLA will be showing it at the Billy Wilder Theater on Sat., April 12, 2014. They’re having a John Garfield doubleheader – the second film will be ‘Under My Skin’.

  7. Phil

    The two Youtube videos of Sherry’s ‘Barnaby Jones’ episode were taken down and replaced by one video:


  8. profdata

    Hi Sherry,

    I purchased the unnumbered Star Trek autograph card on Feb 17th from your web site as directed by Lynne Stewart.

    On March 3rd a padded envelope arrived with nothing inside.

    My order number is a56018a7d046.


  9. robert

    Sherry’s FANTASY ISLAND ep was on Cozi-TV last night. In it, she played JAYNE MEADOWS ALLEN’s chosen replacement of a wife to Meadows Allen’s current husband, PETER LAWFORD, because JMA’s character is a hypochondriac who’s sure her death is going to be imminent! Not a great episode (but what episode of FANTASY ISLAND ever was?!), but the mere presence of Sherry alone was enough to give ME an instant health boost!

  10. robert

    Just saw Sherry in the MAVERICK episode “Red Dog”, with ROGER MOORE (and fellow guests JOHN CARRADINE and LEE VAN CLEEF); interestingly enough (OK, maybe it’s only interesting to ME), Sherry’s lone ROCKFORD FILES ep was titled “The Real Easy Red Dog” (mere coincidence?!) Anyway, even though “Red Dog” was filmed about five years before the emergence of “bombshell Sherry” (STAR TREK, etc), Ms. Jackson nonetheless looked ferociously fetching (I guess I’m subconsciously keeping up the “dog” motif!) in this episode! Naturally, after it was over, I bought season 4 of MAVERICK from my mail-order DVD store! Season 4 of MAVERICK also had guests like the beautiful SHARON HUGUENY, MYRNA FAHEY, and FAY SPAIN (all of whom left this world far too soon!), plus an insanely cute, young SHIRLEY KNIGHT—this last part, admittedly, extends beyond the scope of this site’s “Sherry celebration”, yet I included it nonetheless, if only to show that I’m not just a one-woman human drool bucket! LOL—VERY amazing that Sherry is still with us after all these years (and still a young 72!), so that I have the privilege of sharing with her my rabid (there’s that dog again!) admiration of her copious talent, and 50 plus years of adult physical perfection personified!

  11. ktypestar

    I meant to share this with you in my last post:

    I’ve been going to “Sundance” for three years now…However, unlike the previous two years, I noticed that something had changed this past January…People were stopping me out on Main Street and around Park City-asking for autographs and photos with them…It wasn’t actor friends from my PR firm I’ve worked with on-set, “A-listers” I’ve walked Red Carpet with or given business cards, or even behind-scenes people I know…They were actual fans. Couples with their families, college kids, senior citizens and so on….I admit, I guessed later the total amount of individuals that recognized me probably was only about 20-30 people, but they were real fans…It definitely made an impression on me….

    Do you remember when you reached this milestone in your career, Sherry? Please share this with me, as I’m curious… ;^)

    Cousin Jim

  12. ktypestar

    Hey Sherry!

    Hope you’re having a great Saturday morning! I went to a Lakers game last night with Cousin Jay and his girlfriend Kim. (Kim is from Belgium-had never seen a Lakers game!) We were up in one of the VIP suites where the view/food is the best…Not to mention enjoying the game without Lakers fans screaming in our ears-LOL! I was never really much into sports but the atmosphere there is GREAT!

    I was cast in a film called “Lake Of Fire” a few days ago up in Santa Clarita…Did some scenes with Christopher Atkins…(I always remember Chris from “Blue Lagoon”.) Snagged a part for an AT&T commercial on Tuesday-then an audition for some sort of “web series” pilot on Thursday. (I’m auditioning for the part of the “hip, cool college professor”.) I’ve never seen a web series before-plan on doing some research…Will also be in another taping of “Storage Wars” on March 8th, but have no idea when that will air…It’s weird…I either have almost zero film work for a week or two-then seem to be swamped with work…I’ve often wondered how you pulled off juggling so many TV & film projects in your career. I always said when I started this acting thing that I’d never turn down ANYTHING…But I have……So many AWFUL projects floating around Los Angeles…Or I get invited in on several GREAT projects, but they’re all being shot at the same time-LOL!

    FYI: A few weeks ago, I gave a truck-load of information to Robert Knott & Ed Harris about a Western project they’re doing. I also “stump-preached” you to them really hard-attempting to get them to cast you in that film…Hope it worked… ;^)

    Lots to do today-better run…

    Respectfully yours,
    Cousin Jim

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