Hello Everyone!

I am very excited to share with you the history of my career. I plan on adding LOTS of trivia and answering your questions. I did not realize there was so much content around until my fans made me aware, and thanks to the Internet, this is now possible. 

When I was on the “Make Room for Daddy Show,” i.e. “The Danny Thomas Show,” I received bags and bags of fan mail.  Besides working, attending school, and studying my lines, on Saturdays I spent all day personalizing my answers to each letter and posting them. Because that left little time for anything else, I became resentful….Eventually, we hired a teenage girl to help me for it became overwhelming. Now that I am MUCH older, I realize how important it is to appreciate my fans and am going to make up for lost time!!! I loved my fans but my very strict mother made things a “have” to,  not a “want” to. Now I really WANT to!!!! So I am looking forward to this adventure and want this site to be fun and interesting and at times funny . So feel free to ask away…..

Sincerely, (that was my closing on my early fan letters but I misspelled “Sincerly” for many early autographs) lol…Now I prefer “Health, Love and Light. ” Maturation is enlightening…






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  1. robert

    Hey, Sherry! Just saw you in the “Vega$” episode “The Usurper”! It was—to put it politely—not a good episode! (“Vega$”, generally, was a well-produced bit of fluff!) Still, it was incredibly cool to see you in the final scene as the date of movie legend TONY CURTIS! It’s very interesting that a career like yours—-which spanned close to 30 years overall—contains such unusual highlights as appearances opposite the occasional film star!

  2. AT

    Dear Sherry :)
    How are you? We have not heard any news from you in a while. Hope all is well healthwise.
    Any shows you might be going to in the near future?
    Wishing you well

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